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Dennis "" Jones

is a professional and experienced music engineer & producer. With a passion for music and a keen ear for detail, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, producing and mixing albums that have topped charts and won him critical acclaim. Roc, a native of Brooklyn, NY, started his music career as an intern at Universal Music Group's Republic Records. He has worked on various projects across different genres and has collaborated with renowned artists such as Rihanna, DJ Snake, Bad Bunny, & many more. Roc is a highly skilled and sought-after music engineer who is known for his meticulous attention to detail and ability to bring out the best in every artist and track. He is also adept at creating a comfortable and creative environment, whether in the studio or on location. In addition to his work as an engineer, Roc is an accomplished producer and musician with a profound understanding of cutting-edge technology & the creative process. He uses his expertise and knowledge to help artists achieve their objectives and create exceptional music that inspires and moves audiences worldwide. Roc's extensive experience, technical expertise, and passion for music make him a true professional dedicated to helping artists achieve their goals.

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